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Contagious Faith is a video driven evangelism training course, written by Mark Mittelberg author of Becoming a Contagious Christian. He teaches five approaches to evangelism to help you determine which of them fit best with your unique gifts and personality:

  • Friendship-Building
  • Selfless-Serving
  • Story-Sharing
  • Reason-Giving
  • Truth-Telling

As disciples of Christ, we are called to share the gospel, but few of us are naturally comfortable with evangelism. We wrestle with a sense of insecurity, a lack of preparation, and the sense that reaching out to others might force us to act like someone we're not. And many of us feel guilty when we fail to use an opportunity to talk about our faith, lowering our confidence even further.

Building on popular personality-type methods, the Contagious Faith assessment will help you identify your primary style, along with any secondary styles you discover. You'll learn next steps for developing and deploying your natural approach to evangelism and work through interactive prompts to practice the methods Mark unpacks in the videos.


Study guides available - $10

Contact Beth Davidson or Eddie Batten with questions. 
3/16/2023 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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CFC - Room 301
Beth Davidson
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