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This is the year we no longer settle for tolerable despair, and instead, we’ll dream bigger, risk greater and love better. And the way we’re going to do that is through the company we keep. We’re here to remind you that having your people by your side is not a perk of living a giant, beautiful, juicy life – it’s a prerequisite.

It’s time to toss out our notions that we must do any of this alone, that it’s “too late” to create an abundantly rich group of girlfriends or that the pace of life leaves no room for meaningful connection. Instead, we’ll take in something new, something God is always using to reach out to us: deep relationships.

Having a genuine, supportive, honest group of female friends in your circle is one of the biggest life upgrades. “Ran out of gas? Of course, I’ll help push your car, but we will definitely laugh about it for the next 40 years.” Friends to put down as your kids’ emergency contact at school. People who help themselves to whatever is in your pantry without asking. Someone who has witnessed your most embarrassing moment and who would never serve your kid peas because she knows it makes him gag.

If you desperately want this kind of friendship but it feels hard to come by, you’re not alone. Community is such a cliché concept, but the truth is, we are all desperate for it. We know it will make our lives better, and yet finding friends as adults can feel intimidating.

We are declaring it the year of friendship, courage and purpose. Friendships where we aggressively believe in each other, pray for each other and believe the other deserves the world. That is what we do at MOPS. If you’re ready for a community like this, then you belong here!

Meets every other Thursday at 7:30p or Friday at 9:30a


Jan 5/6 and 19/20

Feb 2/3 and 16/17

March 2/3, 16/17 and 30/31

April 13/14 and 27/28 

May 11/12


Please email with registration questions.
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Friday Morning MOPS Group 

If you love spending time with young children, the MOPS group at CFC has opportunities to serve as teachers and teacher's assistants twice a month on Friday mornings.  Teachers will be compensated $20 per hour and assistants $15 per hour.  Please contact the MOPS childcare coordinator, Rebekah Williams for additional details.

Thursday Evening MOPS Group
4/13/2023 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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CFC - Room 302, CFC - Room 303
Beth Davidson
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